English in Switzerland and its use as a Lingua Franca

Formation Continue Atelier: 9 septembre 2016

The steady increase of English as a lingua franca in the international, the European, and the Swiss context has an effect on the decisions made by educational authorities and businesses, and this in turn leads to many debates, both within Switzerland and abroad, about the role of English inside and outside of the classroom.

This daylong continuing education programme aims to provide insight into current debates on English as a lingua franca, its acquisition, and its economic value. Particular attention will be given to (a) the roles of (and differences between) English as a lingua franca and English as a foreign language, as well as (b) debates and theories surrounding early and late foreign language acquisition, which have direct bearings on curriculum reforms.

The workshop will also introduce the participants to English language-related teaching material and activities (e.g. English as a global language) that can be used in classrooms at different levels.

Images de l’atelier: https://www.unil.ch/angl/en/home/menuinst/recent-events/formation-continue.html